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Critic Reviews


This page is to keep you informed of mentions of Brian's work in critic's reviews of productions he has done.

Critic Reviews


This page is to keep you informed of mentions of Brian's work in critic's reviews of productions he has done.

Critic Reviews


This page is to keep you informed of mentions of Brian's work in critic's reviews of productions he has done.


"Brian Smallheer’s set stands apart from any domestic setting we’ve seen in recent history. Ulysses’ mobile home looks all too real, from the grease stains on the doorways, to the askew books on shelves and random placement of kitschy decor."

     Julie Garisto - Creative Loafing - Annapurna


"Brian Smallheer’s exquisitely grungy set design perfectly reveals Ulysses’ psyche"

     Joanne Milani - The Tampa Tribune - Annapurna


"Brian Smallheer's set design renders that purgatory in every smudged and skewed detail"

     Colette Bancroft - Tampa Bay Times - Annapurna


"...all on a simple yet clever set by Brian Smallheer."

     Stephanie Hayes - Tampa Bay Times - Orlando


"Brian Smallheer’s set of an Yboresque plaza is exceedingly attractive"

     Mark Lieb - Creative Loafing - Twelfth Night


"You'll get the slinky jitters when you walk into the darkened Shimberg Playhouse at the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts and see an oversized J and T (for Jobsite Theater) in marquee lights. The vibe is sexy Halloween cabaret..."

   Stephanie Hayes - Tampa Bay Times - Vampire Lesbians of Sodom


"The cozy set exudes warmth and nostalgia, with framed old photos on the wall and a Christmas tree in a Jewish home that represents a family's total immersion in the modern world"

     Peter Nason - Broadway World - The Last Night of Ballyhoo


"The first thing you see in the playhouse is the lighting, soft yellows streaming through faux windows of a fairly barren set. Couple that with the classical music overhead, and everything feels cozy as a blanket, small, intimate, contained"

    Stephanie Hayes - Tampa Bay Times - Inventing Van Gogh


"The set design added an extra layer to the play's thematic consciousness. What appeared to be an elevated platform was in fact a wooden coffin -- a subtle symbol that reminds the characters and the audience about the gravity of Van Gogh's death, especially as he lay wounded upon it."

     Ashley Pablinoa - The Sunlit Tome - Inventing Van Gogh


"When you land in the Jaeb Theater for Return to the Forbidden Planet and glimpse the set — mod space captain's chair, flashing electronics, color, color, color! — you may assume it's time to set your brain-ship on autopilot.""The set by Brian M. Smallheer is a tasty neon confection that fills the large stage."

     Stephanie Hayes - Tampa Bay Times - Return to the Forbidden Planet


"... longtime Jobsite scenic designer Brian Smallheer’s fabulous set, of a ’50s idea of a spaceship interior, is the most pleasing he’s ever designed"

    Mark Leib - Creative Loafing - Return to the Forbidden Planet


"Kudos to Brian Smallheer for a beautifully constructed set and for the monster that ends Act 1 when its tentacles break through the spacecraft doors." 

     Peter Nason - Broadway World - Return to the Forbidden Planet


"Brian Smallheer's modern living-room set is attractively realistic"

     Mark Leib - Creative Loafing - All New People


"Brian Smallheer’s set and lighting bring out the right atmosphere."

     Joanne Milani - The Tampa Tribune - Hedwig and the Angry Inch


"Brian Smallheer’s impeccable set represents a dowdy living room and kitchen in one."

    Mark Leib - Creative Loafing - The Lonesome West


"It’s sort of rustic, like Brian Smallheer’s charming set design, which helps blow away any stuffiness theatergoers might attribute to Shakespeare.” 

     Joanne Milanni - The Tampa Tribune - Much Ado About Nothing


 "Brian Smallheer’s selective use of spotlights imparts an ominous mood and Haunted-Mansion-esque set pieces lend twisted humor."

     Julie Garisto - Creative Loafing - Gorey Strories


"Brian Smallheer's set is appropriately oppressive, all gray with heavy chains and hooks hanging threateningly from the ceiling and his lighting design includes some chilling effects."

     Marty Clear - Tampa Bay Times - Closetland


"Brian Smallheer’s set, of a simple room with a central table and two metal chairs, is deceptively innocent"

    Mark Lieb - Creative Loafing - Closetland


"Somehow the lighting designer for Jobsite Theater’s Einstein’s Dreams had to convince us that five female and four male actors dressed in white were illustrating how time turns in circles, freezes, becomes “sticky,” becomes visible, comes to an end, and runs backwards. With the help of Brian Smallheer’s fine lighting, even the most bizarre possibilities were treated with impressionistic, almost hypnotic lyricism. Beautiful work."

     Mark Leib - Creative Loafing - Einstein's Dreams



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